When Spiritual Work Isn’t Enough

Being able to manifest something isn’t inherently meaningful or part of your life’s purpose. Manifesting doesn’t require you to have any morality or integrity. 

Many people are successful in their endeavors while being completely disconnected to what would be a right life. I learned that early on when I started to do private sessions with people.

I found myself on several occasions working with famous people, rich people, and people of influence. I was young and naive and somewhat star struck at their success. I was surprised to find that almost everyone I met had come to me because their life lacked meaning.

What the Effiji journey is about is learning to harness the energy of your soul and manifest that as your day to day life. This process is advanced because you must embody who you really are as you take the journey from your center out into the world. 

Stage one is making the connection to spirit, which is the purpose of Effiji Breathwork. While it has all kinds of benefits, the one that matters most is unblocking the pipeline between you and your higher power. 

Stage two is being able to embody that connection in your day to day life. This is where I use sacred Taoist movements to train the four levels of mind. Being an embodiment of your spirit is not a one time event. It’s a constant process of keeping the connection, and organizing your energy, mind and body even before you take your first step.

It is a flow that begins from spirit:

1. First to the visionary mind that creates intention that is projected outward toward its goal. 

2. Then to the energetic mind which is the feminine principle of non physical reality; flow, trust, imagination and creativity. 

3. Then, and only then, can you begin to work with the mind we all know and love (and hate) which I call the linear mind. The linear mind takes spirit and energy and gives it a home in the body as structure and organization. 

4. Lastly, the animal mind, the loyal servant to all the other levels of mind. The animal mind is trained to survive and have clear instincts and be ready to do the bidding of the visionary mind and its master, your spirit. 

Why do these levels matter? 

Because understanding how they work is vital to maintaining our connection to spirit.

When we are unable to remain connected to spirit as it moves down through the levels, two things happen:

1. The first will be a refraction of the original intent.  It will be a much lesser version of this embodiment. 

2. Secondly, and more importantly, these levels are vertical in nature. When we lose that straight line from spirit to the ground, we become ungrounded and unstable. 

Think of embodiment as a type of clarity. when we lose our clarity, we become disconnected and ultimately ungrounded. 

Without the grounding, all the spiritual work in the world won’t lead you to the life you are meant to live.


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Effiji Breath is a conscious hyperventilation practice, focused on the inhale, done over the course of one hour.

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