The Sound of the Voice in Your Heart

The visionary mind is the place where you hold an intention for something. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the intention is, it’s just the place where you hold it. 

Holding an intention for something important shows you the power you have when you have longing and you hold it and eventually create it.

Isn’t this what we’re all doing? Longing for something greater than the reality were in right now? 

In discovering and honing my process for manifesting the invisible, for bringing the full connection with your spirit into your material life, I identified four levels of mind, with intention being the highest. 

This is the mind that forms an intention and projects it out into the world. That is so different than the mind we think of as the inner dialgogue, analyzing, judging mind. 

When I was in China studying Taoist movements, my teachers would use this word “yi,” pronounced eeee. Just before moving toward me, my teacher would say “first I am going to cover you with my yi.”

In that moment, I could feel it and sometimes be almost paralyzed by its power. He said he was covering me with his mind, but later, when I started learning Mandarin, I realized that the word didn’t mean mind at all, but intention. 

Yi is about seeing something that hasn’t happened yet.

There are two parts to the character of Yi 意. The upper part of the character 音, means the sound. It could be thought of as a voice.

The lower part of the character is xin 心, which means heart.

There’s a sound coming out of your heart. The heart is holding the sound.

It’s seeing the outside within you, even though it hasn’t happened, and seeing it as already having happened. 

It’s not the same as desire, because it’s not about what you want. It’s about the intention to do something. It’s also not your life purpose, it’s just the place you begin inside yourself. 

You intend something. You see it “out there.” You already see it happening.

Each level of the mind has an animal movement associated with it. And every animal has a “yi” that can project, but none like the tiger.

Felines in general have this very special ability to put their intention on something far away without ever being detected. They remain there, still, until it’s time to move. 

It’s important to understand the visionary mind and how to use it, because it’s the beginning of manifesting. 

First, we contact spirit so there is a longing for the right thing. Then we create an intention that begins our human journey to manifest that intention.

To manifest, you have to see what you want somewhere inside yourself and then make it real within. It’s the sound of the voice in your heart. 

All the steps to actually getting it come after. 

My question for you is this:

What do you want to manifest this year? And what is your plan for moving in the direction of seeing that happen?

I offer Effiji Breathwork to help you get clear on what it is you truly want to see.

I offer Sacred Taoist Movements as a way to bring that intention into the material world.

These practices are routes to some of the greatest gifts available on this plane:

To know who you are,
to know why you are here,
to know what you want to create
and how to do it.


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