The 3 Tools You Need to Adapt Gracefully During an (on-going) Pandemic

You have the power to adapt.
You have the willingness to change.

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I don’t think there is any adult out there who will say there have been no changes in their life in 2020. Pandemic aside. For most of us, this particular year is unlike any other we have experienced in our lifetime; personally and collectively. And while this year could be considered a big surprise, there are many ways we could view it as less of a surprise when we try to track the steps leading up to a bigger moment. I would like to focus on where you were on your journey when the pandemic began.

While sudden extraordinary changes happen in one’s life, most of life is a process, an evolution the same way the seasons change from one another slowly and gradually.

The real consideration is how we deal with the hand we were given at the moment the pandemic began. How do we go through change? What skills for adaption did you have in operation? That I believe is how you entered the pandemic period.

The pandemic has helped me define the most important aspect of the work I do, the work I have been doing since 1990. That aspect is helping me go through change. I would say I am in the business of helping people change themselves so they can change the course of their lives so it’s in harmony with one’s potential.

When I started I was considered deeply fringe, weird and an outsider. Around 2008 when the economy collapsed I found more men and more mainstream people interested in what else was out there besides known conventional methods for self improvement.

Through 30 years, one thing is consistent for me as a teacher and a student; change. And more importantly why some people can adapt and change more easily than others.

One thing is consistent for me as a teacher and a student; change.

Change for a spiritual person is being one place both inside yourself and in your life and wanting to be in another configuration. The work is the process of getting from A to B. It doesn’t even matter what the change is. It matters that you have desire and you need to move from where you are now and go toward it. It can be more money or it can be to be free of anxiety (or both).

In order to get to a goal you have to examine your life and make choices from there. The business of that examination, as it relates to the inner workings of your mind and your relationship to your past, is the work of Effiji.

My own process of helping people change really began with breathwork. However, it was ten years working with people that I could see that the talking before and after our sessions was becoming just as important as the breathwork practice itself. This brings me back to this year. 2020.

If change is the goal then everyone is completely equal in their opportunity. Change only requires a willingness. It is not impeded by financial status, race, gender or even your past. To change you simply need a willingness to go through it and to adapt to what happens when change comes to you, whether by your own hand or by the forces of the external world.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you are good at math but you don’t have a green thumb. Maybe you can nurture people but you can’t find your keys. When it comes to willingness, everyone is equal in their opportunity to be willing but not everyone is equally willing to adapt and change in relationship to their goals.

It takes a lot of courage to be open to the forces of change and like many things, is best done with some guidance and help from a person who knows the road in order to help you trust and go through whatever you need to go through.

When the lockdown began, you began this time of change according to how willing and open you have been to change up until that moment. Willingness to change is a skill learned and practiced. How good you are at it right now has a lot to do with how much you were practising up to the moment of change.

Take Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

Here are 3 things you can do for yourself when you feel afraid and resistant to having to change :


Go to your breath. don’t do anything just be present for your breathing for two minutes. Take a breath or don’t take a breath. It doesn’t matter just be there for the breath. Breath is life and when you attune to it you will become more calm and more clear.


Ask yourself this question “how is this situation or circumstance here to help me fulfill my life’s purpose?


Ask yourself “Where has this change already helped me? What are the silver linings inside my difficulties?”

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