Thinking Like Bobby Fischer

Education in our society is mostly based on training your mind to learn and accomplish tasks. We are taught pattern recognition based on an idea of what’s important to know in society. As long as you agree or aren’t aware that you are being conditioned, then you will go through the system coming out trained to enter the work place or find marriage. 

I don’t really need to tell you this because you went through the education system and likely you know that most of what we learn has no real practical value. It’s only later that we start looking for things that we really want to learn. During our formative years though, most of us had to learn a lot of linear things. It’s a lot of mental activity and memorization. Linear thinking being along a line, step-by-step, and rational. We call people who do this well, smart. 

We learn all this so we can accomplish things out in the world so that we can be validated for doing it. It’s the ultimate hamster wheel. 

Pattern recognition is something you can teach to your dog. You don’t need to be your true self to be trained to do it. You actually need the training so you won’t end up being a unique individual. 

If only we were taught to understand ourselves. If only we were guided to be aware of the world around us from a perceptual place beyond the mind and the five senses. 

Taking the Effiji journey includes forgetting about being rich or popular for one practical reason; you can’t be happy living in the mind. There’s no such thing as a happy mind. A mind tethered to the heart and spirit is a servant toward fulfilling your unique life, but school doesn’t teach you this. It teaches you to think and think some more. It’s all about being good at thinking. 

There is nothing wrong with thinking. Thinking rationally and learning patterns are fine. The problem is the attachment to the mind as your master. If you don’t develop yourself in all aspects, then your mind will become your master, which it isn’t. It’s like saying your arm is your master when, in reality, you control your arm. 

It’s quite easy to learn pattern recognition and still be asleep in your life. A smart mind can move you forward on the chessboard of life but it won’t make you happy. 

Bobby Fischer, the most famous world chess champion, could think 72 moves ahead. Can you imagine what kind of mind you must have to process that much information and that many patterns in any moment? He was young and arrogant when he became the world chess champ.

Guess what happened to Bobby Fischer? He became completely paranoid and eventually died broke, alone, and homeless. Too much living in the mind is what you see when you walk down the street and see a homeless person talking to someone who isn’t there. They have made what’s in their mind real.

The purpose of Effiji Breathwork is that the mind is not your master. You have to seek something greater than looking good, being smart, and having money. You have to find value in your life. Your mind, being a servant with no consciousness of its own, cannot do that for you. 

The mind is not where the breakthroughs are to be found.


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