The Wish of Every Heart

This week, I’ve been reflecting on how simple this work really is. Ultimately, the heart of every human being wishes to heal.

A few days ago, I did my first session with someone in China in Mandarin via zoom. My mandarin is not good enough to carry on a conversation for 90 minutes with someone. In fact, I would say I speak like a four-year old. That makes it possible to go to China and say things like “I want to eat” and “Where is the bathroom?” and “my Chinese isn’t very good” (which in retrospect is probably obvious to the people I’m talking to). Anyway, we used a translator to help me help her.

At first, it was very laborious talking and having the translator translate every thought and idea either one of us had while trying to track how she was feeling about what I was saying. I was closely watching her face and her energy change depending on what was said.

Underneath all her expression was a simple connection we made, every time we looked at each other. She could see my heart and I could see hers. We felt close. Regardless of the language barrier, she was a person seeking healing and looking for a way to understand herself better and have hope about her own ability to change the parts of her life that needed changing. In this way it felt like anyone I might work with here in America.

Prior to the session I had looked at her fingerprints (which reveal about one’s life purpose and the lesson needing to be learned to fulfill it) as well her astrological chart. My first thought was “this person needs to learn how to be selfish”. Then I wondered how does someone who comes from a culture that does not train people to value the individual over the group come to value themselves over other people?

Could I be an effective helper instead of a westerner talking from the blindness of their conditioning? It turns out that she completely understood and suffered from something we all know in our childhoods; family and community wishing for us to be someone other than what we naturally are.

The session was very powerful for a lot of reasons. At the end, our translator, a young woman in her thirties from Wuhan of all places, came onto the screen (because she had hid video during the session) and started crying, putting her hand in prayer position saying how she got so much from the session. She felt it was life changing.

As it has been in my groups for decades: one person’s work can benefit others.

When you do this work, it is fairly straightforward to understand how much you are helping yourself.



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