1 Terrific Reason Why Breathwork Matters

Why Breathwork Matters

Breathwork matters because your breath matters. It truly is that simple. Your breath is your life and how you breathe is how you live. Think about it; you breathe all day everyday. You cannot live without your breath.

Breathing is the most important function we need to live. You can continue on living for a period of time without food or water, but when our breath stops, so does life. Breathing is a mechanism that is both conscious and unconscious. The power to manifest your life’s purpose comes from choice which is a conscious mechanism while the automatic breath we utilize everyday keeps us alive… However, you cannot make fully conscious choices unless you are in touch with all aspects of who you are. 

Our guess is that the first personal development techniques were likely for mastering one’s breath as a way to both master your life and come in contact with the source of life; the parts deeper than ordinary automatic breath can do.


Why Effiji Breathwork Matters

Effiji Breath is unique in the specific way we do the technique and its intended purpose. Effiji Breath is used to come in contact with blocked and hidden unconscious material due to conditioning and/or trauma. These traumas are very deep within us protected from conscious awareness, creating programs of protection which become the controlling agent in our life. Within the patterning of this trauma is our life force, the same energy required to fulfill our life’s purpose.

When you do the Effiji Breath technique under supervision and guidance, you’re able to contact this material, clear it out and free yourself; instead of living by the power of conditioning and trauma, you can live by the soul’s purpose for being on earth. 

Why it matters that we fulfill our life's purpose

To be truly happy, our life requires meaning. Having security and safety on the earth plane is important, too, but true peace and happiness comes from dealing with the fact of our existence. What do you want to do with your life? Why are you here? To make contact with the meaning we have to go beyond the simple act of survival. If you’re somebody who’s striving, desiring and working toward this then no doubt you will have a calling to take up practices that will help you to fulfill that. 

We need a bridge between body and soul,  between the mundane and the extraordinary. Breath is that bridge, between body and soul, inside and the outside, conscious and unconscious, and life and death.

Anyone who is serious about fulfilling their lifes’ purpose or finding meaning should try breathwork. Breathwork will give you immediate contact with the deeper parts of yourself and you do not have to believe in any of it. You don’t have to be a spiritual person or take yoga classes or be religious. You can even be an atheist.

Our personal Effiji Breath community is a group of individuals living different lifestyles and all coming for diverse backgrounds. The common ground for us is the healing we have found inside the work. 

Breathwork matters because it will put you in touch with the person you really are. The You beyond conditioning and your experiences of the past. The You you truly want to be and to show the world.

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