How do you feel after a breathwork session?

Breathwork is becoming a more mainstream activity in the same vein as yoga and meditation. Many people are asking the simple question “What can it do for me?” and “How do you feel after breathwork?”

More than any other alternative healing technique, work out routine and spiritual practice, breathworks’ effects are the most immediately powerful, profound and lasting. You will feel exalted, exhilarated, unstuck, free, calm, and peaceful. These are just some of the states described by those that take on this practice.

How you will feel will depend on what type of breathwork you do and how long you do it for.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork, as a term, simply refers to you taking charge of your breathing mechanism and using the breath in specific ways to gain different results. If you consider the inhale and exhale, the left and right nostril and the nose and mouth, you basically have all the potential combinations of breathing that make up breathwork. When you add in the length of time to focus on one part or another, as well as holding the breath, you have the multitudes of practices that make up the practice of breathwork.

If you don’t want to be fancy or aren’t ready to get a teacher and take instruction, there is simply taking deep breaths through your nose, inhaling from the feet to the top of the head and exhaling out through the feet again. No matter where or when you breathe like this, there is only going to be a positive calming outcome to the practice.

If you want to work on something specific, that’s when it helps to have a knowledgeable teacher to prescribe a practice and make sure you are getting the most from it. Most practices, though, you can practice on your own in the same way you can meditate on your own.

What is Effiji Breathwork?

With Effiji Breath it’s a little different because the breathing itself is quite rigorous, quick, through the mouth and in the chest. Doing the practice will infuse you with powerful amounts of life-giving chi. It won’t be something subtle that only a sensitive person would feel. The rigor of an Effiji Breathwork practice will release a lot of hidden congested old traumas, programs and patterns creating waves of transformative energy changing your life on the spot. To ensure this, a facilitator is there to make sure you are safe and that you clear out anything that isn’t needed anymore.

A lot of us have lost touch with our creative potential, our passion, energy and drive to live the life that we were meant to live. By doing Effiji Breathwork you are quickly reconnected to the power of who you are. Why? Because breath is life. When you breathe in strongly like this you are taking in the universe to wake up every cell of your body. If you are willing to do the breath as shown during a session you will come out of it feeling new, clear, energized, and hopeful. (To name a few more.)


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Effiji Breath is a conscious hyperventilation practice, focused on the inhale, done over the course of one hour.

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