A Course In Personal Development

Begins March 31, 2022

A 9-Month Personal Growth Program

What you get

  • 5 Day In-Person Retreat

    March 31 - April 4 · Louisville, KY This 5-day retreat will launch the 2022 Effiji Breath Programs for the year.

  • Monthly Virtual & In-Person Effiji Breathwork Classes

    Join on-going breathwork classes from your home or in-person, where available.

  • Monthly Group Call

    Community calls to connect, bring forth questions, and get feedback on your unique process and work inside the program.

  • Individual Practices

    Movement and spiritual practices given for daily use.

  • Course Material

    Video and written materials for you to study and learn from.

Why you need this program

Fulfill Your Dreams

You are both a spiritual being and an ordinary person. To live your best life you need your greatest desire and your ability to actualize it. The 5-Day retreat provides a connection to your spiritual self. Once you have made that connection, the remainder of the program provides the training in actualizing it.   

Change Your Life Forever

Our programs are not simply life-hacks, they are processes designed to create lasting change and redirect the course of your life so you are living fully in your life purpose. 

The program is 9 months long because healing takes time and you need guidance on how to become more embodied.

Breathwork session


Community is how you see yourself more accuractly and where you can receive support as you take the journey.

The Program Tools

Effiji Breathwork

Clear programs, patterns, and trauma, and free your life force energy. Experience the power of your soul over and over again until it becomes your life. 

Energetic Movement

Harness and train the energy in your body through Taiji and Qigong practices to become the master of your body. 

Guidance and Feedback

Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji Breathwork, has been guiding people on their life path for the past 30 years. You will receive ongoing guidance and feedback to support you and keep you focused on actualizing your potential. 

Spiritual Practice

You will receive individualized spiritual practice. The purpose is to help train your ordinary self to be connected to your spirit. As spiritual practices train you to be in your highest self, the minds’ thoughts, intentions, choices and actions will lead to the right outcome. 

Confusion to Clarity

Confusion to Clarity

Stagnation to Flow

Stagnation to Flow

Encounter Difficulty

Depression to Joy

Depression to Joy

self care

Registration is OPEN!

Structure of the Program

    • One 5-day Retreat in Louisville, KY · March 31 – April 4
    • Access to monthly virtual and in-person Effiji Breathwork Classes
    • Live monthly calls led by Elijah Nisenboim & Sarah Charmoli
    • Daily movement practices
    • Prescribed spiritual practices
    • Extensive course material to supplement your daily work

Additional Offerings

10 Private Phone Sessions

You’ll receive 10 40-minute phone sessions with Sarah and Elijah to get into the details of your process. These sessions are designed to unpack, organize and integrate the information that comes through your practices. 

access to private
facebook group

This private group is our safe place to keep the connection between us alive. It’s a living archive of questions and shares around each person’s developing experience. The group is completely confidential and you are free to be involved as little or as much as you like.

personal spiritual practices

You will get a personal prescription of spiritual practices that directly correlate to your work and your desires. These practices are a way to get in touch with the more esoteric parts of yourself. 

Retreat begins March 31

Your Guides

Elijah Nisenboim

Founder of Effiji Breath

Elijah has been working with people on their path of personal consciousness work for more than 30 years. His programs combine a lifetime of study and practice with many masters in breathwork, healing, music, Sufism, and Tai Chi.

He has a unique method for guiding people to support their exponential evolution using Effiji breathwork, energetic movement, and spiritual practice. As the founder of Effiji, he offers deep immersion and training in his method. He currently has fifteen volumes of music created specifically for Effiji Breath which can be found on all streaming services.

He is also the author of What’s In Your Roots; Making the Unconscious Conscious and his newest book A Liberated Life; Effiji Breathwork and the Process of Freeing Your Mind.

He lives in Northern California.

Sarah Charmoli

Master Effiji Breath Facilitator

As Director of Operations and Master Effiji Breath Facilitator, Sarah is passionate about the transformational power of Effiji Breathwork and the practices that make up the holistic program designed to support people in their personal consciousness work. In her role as the primary support person to Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji, for the last nine years, Sarah has successfully organized, executed and co-led multiple weekend intensives and programs across the globe.

Sarah is committed to the growth of each individual called to work within the framework that Effiji provides for their exponential evolution and to the growing community of individuals supporting one another on this path. 

She lives in Kentucky.

Your Investment

One Payment

$ 5500
One Time Payment
  • Save $1100 by paying the full amount up front

Payment Plan

$ 700
Per Month for 9 months
  • Extended payment plan for those budgeting

Two Payments

$ 2999
First Payment Due Prior to the Retreat
  • Two payments paid within four months

Have questions?

Send us a message in the chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen, or shoot us an email at effijibreath@gmail.com. We are here to answer to your specific needs. 

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