Effiji Breath Facilitator Application

There are 2 steps to the application process. Step one is to fill out the form below. Step two is to set up your interview. Both steps must be completed in order for the application to be considered. 

Upon receipt of the application and the completion of the interview, if accepted, you’ll receive a link for payment and a contract to be signed. Be sure you are ready to complete all steps before going forward with the application. 

Cost of program : 
One-time payment – $2999
Two payments – $1699
Payment plan – $650/month for 6 months

If you have questions about the program or are at the point where you consider this training a possibility, please do not move forward with the application process at this time. The application process is reserved only for those who are sure this is the right path and are ready and willing to move forward with completing enrollment (including payment, etc.) immediately upon acceptance.
Use the chat box in the bottom left corner or send us an email at effiji@effijibreath.com with questions.

Step 2: Set up your interview

Once you’ve completed the form, send an email to sarah@effijibreath stating you are ready for the interview and we’ll find a time to connect. 

Learn the
Effiji Breath Technique

Watch as we let you in on the origins of Effiji and teach you the technique in a short demonstration. We'll show you how it can transform your mind, heal your body, and free your spirit.