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While we have traditionally defined greatness as someone who succeeds at goals in the world, I think of it more as something you are, not something you do. To be great is not about skill. It’s not about how well you do something.

Greatness is fully being the potential of who you are.

Most people will live mediocre lives simply because trauma and layers of conditioning cover the True-Self.  To go beyond you must first go through. There is a risk of exploring that could bring up pain and cause conflict in your life.

The purpose of Effiji Breathwork

The outside world should follow the inside world in the same way you breathe in first and breathe out second. The purpose of Effiji Breath is to put you in the relationship with what is going on in your inner world versus what your mind and your five senses encounter as reality. You are more than your mind and your five senses. When you experience that for sure, you will stop looking outside of yourself to find your greatness.

Putting your attention on your breath will change your life but the question is ‘how much change will it make?’ and the question for yourself is ‘how much do you want to change?’

There is nothing more important than your breath (you, quite literally, can’t live without it) and yet we talk about our breathing and breathwork practices as if any and all breathing techniques have the power to change your life. In reality, a technique is only as good as its practitioner and is only as powerful as its engine can penetrate the deeper hidden layers of your unconscious.

Not all breathwork is the same. Effiji Breath is conscious hyperventilation. It is rigorous mouth-breathing focused on the inhale for one hour without stopping. It is not the same as Pranayam and meditation. Effiji Breath uses the hyperventilation to quickly penetrate the body and mind with vast amounts of life-force energy that are found in the breath and to bypass the normal mechanisms that protect the deeper hidden material. This is not a subtle practice that only some people will feel. If you do it you will have a strong experience no matter what.

To come to a class isn’t about how well you do the practice, it’s about how open you are to encountering all that is within you. 

As the poet Rumi said:

Come come whoever you are
poets princes lovers of leaving
even though you’ve lost your way a thousand times
come come again
for ours is not a caravan of despair

Come and try!

Change will come regardless of how accomplished you are doing the practice.



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Effiji Breath is a conscious hyperventilation practice, focused on the inhale, done over the course of one hour.

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