Become an Effiji Breath Facilitator!

2022 facilitator CERTIFICATION

Begins March 31, 2022

A 9-Month Certification Program

What You Get

  • 5 Day In-Person Retreat

    March 31 - April 4 · Louisville, KY This 5-day retreat will launch the 2022 Effiji Breath Programs for the year.

  • Monthly Virtual & In-Person Effiji Breathwork Classes

    Join on-going breathwork classes from your home or in-person, where available.

  • Monthly Group Call

    Community calls to introduce new training information, answer questions, and guide your unique certification process.

  • Course Material

    Video, audio, and written materials for you to study and learn from.

  • Certification

    Once you've completed the program, you will be certified to facilitate private Effiji Breath sessions virtually and in-person.

Since starting Effiji Breathwork, I feel more spontaneous, more creative, more relaxed, playful, buoyant—overall more joyous. I laugh more, sleep better, and feel optimistic in my life. These alone are remarkable. But underneath all these, something deeper is changing, like water flowing underground.

I am learning to be gentler with myself, even with my obsolete behavior patterns. The knots they held me with are loosening. Being patient with myself, and with my life, I am learning to respect myself more deeply, enjoy my own company, and love who I am, both foibles and gifts. This transformation, like night turning to day, has been precious.\


Effiji Breath Facilitator, Savannah, GA

breathwork certification


Learn how to give Effiji Breathwork sessions (virtual and in person)

  • Setting up and preparing for a session
  • Giving a pre-breathwork talk
  • Using music, touch and feedback during the session
  • Giving feedback and guidance as an ongoing therapy
  • Running a successful Effiji facilitator business


Student facilitators gain access to a vast archive of instructional videos, written materials and audio files covering every topic you can think of related to giving a Private Effiji Breathwork session: virtually and in-person. 

Learn Breathwork

Learn to

Effiji Breathwork

Clear programs, patterns, and trauma, and free your life force energy. Experience the power of your soul over and over again until it becomes your life. 

Energetic Movement

Harness and train the energy in your body through Taiji and Qigong practices to become the master of your body. 

Guidance and Feedback

Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji Breathwork, has been guiding people on their life path for the past 30 years. You will receive ongoing guidance and feedback to support you and keep you focused on actualizing your potential. 

Audio, Video, Written

Student facilitators gain access to a vast archive of instructional videos, written materials and audio files covering every topic you can think of related to giving a Private Effiji Breathwork session: virtually and in-person. 

Fill out the application and book a call to get the process started!

As a facilitator, I'm really able to hold space for people, really be in their process, track whats going on from week-to-week... month-to-month. Really help someone move through whatever they need to move through, get through whatever is holding them back. And I get to help them with that. I get to be there with them.

Benefits of the Program

hands on experience

Receive direct guidance from Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji Breath, and Sarah Charmoli, Director of Operations and Master Effiji Breath Facilitator.

A lifelong skill

Becoming an Effiji Breathwork facilitator is a tool that can use and share for the rest of your life. Every session given is like receiving one. Growth for you and your clients is a creative and infinite path. 

is breathwork healthy

Earn A Living Helping Others

Learn how to do business in the world of personal growth and spirituality. Giving to others is one aspect of being a facilitator. Being paid and supporting yourself financially is also important. 


Receive support from the Effiji community, including the current Effiji Facilitators and students in your program. 

Jim Wolfson · Effiji Breath Facilitator

Your Teachers

Elijah Nisenboim

Founder of Effiji Breath

Elijah has been working with people on their path of personal consciousness work for more than 30 years. His programs combine a lifetime of study and practice with many masters in breathwork, healing, music, Sufism, and Tai Chi.

He has a unique method for guiding people to support their exponential evolution using Effiji breathwork, energetic movement, and spiritual practice. As the founder of Effiji, he offers deep immersion and training in his method. He currently has fifteen volumes of music created specifically for Effiji Breath which can be found on all streaming services.

He is also the author of What’s In Your Roots; Making the Unconscious Conscious and his newest book A Liberated Life; Effiji Breathwork and the Process of Freeing Your Mind.

He lives in Northern California.

Sarah Charmoli

Master Effiji Breath Facilitator

As Director of Operations and Master Effiji Breath Facilitator, Sarah is passionate about the transformational power of Effiji Breathwork and the practices that make up the holistic program designed to support people in their personal consciousness work. In her role as the primary support person to Elijah Nisenboim, founder of Effiji, for the last nine years, Sarah has successfully organized, executed and co-led multiple weekend intensives and programs across the globe.

Sarah is committed to the growth of each individual called to work within the framework that Effiji provides for their exponential evolution and to the growing community of individuals supporting one another on this path. 

She lives in Kentucky.

Your Investment

Payment remitted after review and acceptance of application

One Payment

$ 5500
One Time Payment
  • Save $500 by paying the full amount up front

Payment Plan

$ 700
Per Month for 9 months
  • Extended payment plan for those budgeting

Two Payments

$ 2999
First Payment Due Prior to April Retreat
  • Two payments paid within four months

Have questions?

Send us a message in the chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen, or shoot us an email at effijibreath@gmail.com. We are here to answer to your specific needs. 

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